Crew Accommodation & Transport

We understand the hotel, taxi and coach industry and we have developed a knack for getting great deals for our flight disruption service and we see no reason why we shouldn’t use that talent to get great deals on hotels and transport for crew too.

Crew Accommodation

Every year, FDS books tens of thousands of rooms at airports and city centre hotels and taxi and coach journeys in the UK & Ireland . Hotels, taxi companies and coach operators value the business we provide them with and work in partnership with us to offer great value to our airline, handling agent and airport customers. They are just as keen to work with us to offer airlines the right solution for crew on layover.

Whether your selection criteria is determined by price, location, available services or rating we can assist finding a solution that is right for airlines and their crew.

We can provide a turnkey solution to include all contract transport and hotels at all locations or a single room or journey. You decide, we provide.

Hotel and Transport: Ad-Hoc Bookings

We can provide accommodation and transport on demand to cover regular and irregular operations or short-term deployments in the UK & Ireland. Just call our Operations Centre any time and let us know what you need and just as we do for passengers we will do the leg work so you can get on with running your operation.

Hotel and Transport: Contract Services

Tell us what you want and where you want – anywhere in the world – and we will do the leg-work to find suitable solutions for hotel or apartment accommodation and transfers to / from airports and between airports.

You set the relevant accommodation and transport criteria and we work to deliver cost-effective and operationally robust solutions.

We can provide hotel and transport short-lists and we are happy to work with crew representatives and unions to find the right solutions within your budget.

Once a solution has been finalised we are happy to stay involved and ‘manage’ it for you. Indeed, we are happy to act as principal and settle accounts, check invoices and make payment on your behalf, if necessary.

We have experience in airline operations and hotel and transport management so we are ideally placed to act as your out-sourced contract manager. Contact us for more information.


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