When you are in the business of flying people, factors outside your control are likely to affect your schedules at some point. At those critical times Flight Delay Services provides on-demand support and resources to enable you to focus on getting back on schedule whilst passengers are refreshed, cared for or rerouted, as appropriate.

By working with Flight Delay Services you can:

  • Spend more time dealing with passengers face-to-face; informing, communicating, caring for and, ultimately, retaining your customers

  • Meet your obligations under EU Regulation EU261/2004

  • Focus on direct operational matters like repositioning aircraft and crew and provisioning new flights

  • Minimise inconvenience to passengers

  • Deliver higher levels of customer service

  • Reduce passenger claims for compensation

When things go wrong, the pressure is on to do lots of additional tasks at the same time. Flight Delay Services is equipped to take some of those tasks for you so you can focus on resolving the disruption event as quickly as possible. The world’s leading airlines excel when things do not go according to plan and we are pleased that we can be part of their solution. We will be delighted to support you to make sure you can excel too when you need to.

We provide support booking hotels, alternative transport and welfare.


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