Become a Supplier: Transport

If you own a coach, mini bus or taxi company or offer a chauffeur service and are interested in becoming a Flight Delay Services supplier please contact us on +44 (0)161 493 9444.

Transport Supplier

It costs nothing to register with us. Registration is simply a matter of supplying the necessary documentation. We are always looking to increase our passenger transport database with quality providers, especially at UK and Irish airports.

Taxis, limousine and chauffeur services, coaches and DDA compliant vehicle operators based within 90 minutes of an airport can benefit from last minute work – often long distance, high value jobs. It is not uncommon for us to be asked to move thousands of passengers during flight disruptions and responsive, quality operators are always welcome.

We also have regular work moving airlines crew between airports and hotels and if you have high quality vehicles with well presented and courteous drivers we can consider you for this work too.

As an added benefit of becoming an FDS transport supplier you will also be eligible to work on behalf of the other companies in the CMAC Partnership – Coach Hire Booking, Delay Divert Solutions, Business Continuity Travel and Travel Management Solutions. Your work for any of the CMAC Partnership is covered by our 5 Star Supplier Promise.

Transport Supplier

1. Fair Priced Incremental Business

We provide our suppliers with the opportunity to even out demand from their existing client base with the contracts we provide – when business is a bit slow you can use us to pick up fair priced work. If you don’t want to do a job at the suggested price you don’t have to offer. If you do then you have picked up additional business without the cost of advertising for it and the hassle of quoting the customer direct – and we don’t charge you for joining our network.

2. Customer Service Support

The Coach Hire Booking customer line is manned 24/7 so customers can easily check their bookings etc., which saves you handling customer queries. Our team is also there to support you if you need us.

3. Industry Leading Payment Terms

Our business cannot operate without a network of reputable suppliers and we know that cash flow is critical to business so we don’t mess you around.

4. Clear Communication

Our Supplier Portal enables suppliers to see available contracts ensuring a fair distribution of work. Suppliers can also access all necessary information for their bookings.

5. Emergency Support

However well planned trips are, every so often something unfortunate happens – vehicle breakdown, accident, driver sickness, traffic hold ups meaning the driver is unable to legally complete the trip and a fresh driver is required etc.  Reassuring to know that if this happens when you’re carrying out a trip for us that we have one of the biggest fleets available nationally to call on to come to your rescue and ensure that passengers inconvenience is minimised and our good reputations are preserved.

Become a Supplier


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